"Life Is Hard" Sign Gun Storage
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The gun concealment wall art you've described, featuring the iconic phrase attributed to John Wayne, offers both style and functionality. Here are the key details:

**Design and Inspiration:**
- This piece of wall art prominently features the famous phrase, "Life's hard, it's even harder if you're stupid," which is attributed to John Wayne. Additionally, the design includes a portrait of John Wayne on a wood background with a charred or burnt appearance, giving it a distinctive and rustic look.

**Hidden Compartment:**
- Behind the iconic phrase and portrait, there's a concealed compartment designed for safe and secure storage. The compartment is fitted with a magnetic safety lock, ensuring that your favorite handguns or other small valuables are stored discreetly and safely.

**RFID Lock Upgrade:**
- For enhanced security, customers have the option to add an RFID lock upgrade for only $45, providing an additional layer of protection for the concealed compartment.

- Exterior: 24" x 13" x 3.5"
- Interior: 21.75" x 11.25" x 1.75"

**Full Range of Wall Art Options:**
- The company offers a comprehensive selection of concealment wall art options, including different designs and sizes. Customers can explore the Wall Art category to find the perfect John Wayne-themed piece that fits their style and space.

**Custom Designs and Stencils:**
- The company is open to custom designs and stencils, allowing customers to personalize their concealment storage sign with specific images or sayings. Interested individuals can contact the company online StainedAllegianceStaff@Gmail.com to discuss their custom design ideas.

This John Wayne-inspired gun concealment wall art combines iconic quotes and a rustic design with a hidden compartment for secure storage. It offers both a decorative element and a practical solution for keeping valuables and firearms concealed and safe.

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