5x7 Picture Frame for Pistols


This small picture frame with hidden storage is a discreet and functional solution for securely storing tactical tools or other valuables while displaying your favorite 5x7 photograph. Here are some key features and details about this concealed picture frame:


1. **Concealed Storage:** This small picture frame serves as a concealment device, allowing you to store tactical tools or other small items discreetly. It provides a hidden compartment while displaying a 5x7 photograph.

2. **Flush-Mount or Freestanding:** You have the option to cut this frame into your home's wall for a flush-mounted appearance, similar to a standard picture frame. Alternatively, it can be used freestanding on a tabletop or any other location where you prefer to display your photos.

3. **Magnetic Closure:** The front closure of the frame is secured with twin high-strength magnets, ensuring that the concealed compartment remains securely closed. This adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.

4. **Customizable Foam Lining:** The interior of the frame's concealed compartment is lined with customizable, closed-cell foam. This foam allows you to tailor the storage space to fit your specific items, ensuring they are well-protected and securely held in place.


- **Photo Size:** 5" x 7"
- **Exterior:** 10.75 inches (width) x 8.75 inches (height)
- **Interior:** 7.75 inches (width) x 5.75 inches (height)

Due to its small size, this 5x7 picture frame safe does not offer the magnetic lock option available for larger models. However, the twin high-strength magnets provide a secure closure for the concealed compartment.

This small picture frame with hidden storage is designed to provide both functionality and discretion, allowing you to keep small items such as tactical tools or valuables within easy reach while maintaining the appearance of a regular photo frame. As with any concealed storage solution, always prioritize safety and responsible use.

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