Always Kiss Me Goodnight Concealment Sign
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Your "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" concealment sign is not only a tasteful piece of art but also a functional and discreet storage solution. Here are some key features and details about this product:

  1. Variety of Colors: The sign comes in a range of colors, including distressed green, gray, white, and black. This variety makes it suitable for virtually any room, regardless of its decor style.

  2. Size: The dimensions of the sign are 12" x 42", making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to your home.

  3. Internal Storage Compartment: The sign features a concealed storage compartment inside. This compartment is lined with high-quality 57mm Kaizen foam, providing a secure and organized space for your valuables.

  4. Security for Firearms: If you intend to store firearms in the concealed compartment, the sign comes equipped with a child safety lock as a standard feature. This ensures that your firearms remain safely secured.

  5. Optional RFID Lock: For enhanced security, you have the option to upgrade to an RFID lock. This modern locking mechanism adds an extra layer of protection to your concealed items.

  6. Other Styles Available: Stained Allegiance Concealment offers a variety of concealment wall art options. You can explore their full Concealment Wall Art collection, which includes items like the "This House Is Protected" wooden concealment sign and the "There's No Place Like Home" wall art box.


  • External Dimensions: 44" x 14" x 4.25"
  • Internal Dimensions: 12" x 42" x 3.25"

Overall, this "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" concealment wall sign not only adds a touch of charm to your home decor but also provides a secure and hidden storage solution for your valuable items. Whether you're looking to keep important documents, jewelry, or firearms safe, this piece offers both functionality and style.

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