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This sliding concealment cabinet is the perfect addition to add functional decor to your home. The layered custom foam allows you to customize the interior to hold anything from guns, knives, tactical accessories, money, and jewelry or you can even make it into an awesome liquor cabinet!

Starting February 2024 check out our new product lines under the USA Concealments store featuring Medicine cabinets to replace the ones in your bathroom, other-sized Medicine Cabinets where you keep your medicine now, Americana backlit glass concealment cabinets, and our Digital Art Line.

This cabinet has NO PAINT. It is 100% BEAUTIFUL STAIN COLORING with a lacquer finish. The frame and face of the cabinet are made entirely out of 3/4" solid pine wood. The back has a ½” sturdy plywood for mounting on the wall. Every flag comes equipped with an RFID locking system so that you can safely store your valuables, out of reach of children and or those wondering eyes of others.

Overall product measurements: Length = 38", Width = 19.5", Depth = 4-3/4”

Usable interior storage area: Length = 32.5", Width = 16”, Depth = 3”

Flag cabinet comes with the following:

  • (4) mounting screws for wall wood stud installation (You are responsible for safely mounting this cabinet so depending on what wall material you have like drywall, concrete, metal studs, purchase the appropriate wall anchors where wall studs are not present, from your local hardware store.)
  • Electronic RFID lock (AA batteries included) with RFID access card and key chain fob
  • A backup power cable with USB to plug in the provided hook up on top, next to the RFID eye
  • Adjustable Razor knife for cutting the foam
  • Blank 2-1/4” layered foam and marker to trace your accessories

There is an upgrade to our ultimate new Fingerprint Lock for $99 when desired. Also includes a backup USB power cable and hooks up by Bluetooth to a Phone App.

(Guns not included)

Directions to unlock this cabinet:

On the bottom pull out the sliding bolt lock. Always holding the flag face on the bottom while opening gently, put the card up on top of the cabinet to signal the lock, after the click sound give a little pressure upwards and then pull the flag face down for access, making sure to hold on to the flag face to not let it drop out of the slides. (Our RFID locks are measured tight for the most security therefore you need to give a little pressure upwards to unlock it). Once it is opened you can release the flag face.  You will hear a voice alarm (you will hear a long beep) when you swipe the card to unlock if the battery power is low. If the battery voltage is too low the lock will be opened automatically for one time. Replace batteries promptly before closing the door again. You can hook up the plugged-in backup power USB cable to the plug next to the RFID eye to unlock.

Check out our 'how to' videos for foam cutting, lock operation, and installation at WWW.STAINEDALLEGIANCE.COM

***Please measure your accessories to make sure they fit within the usable interior storage area and contact us for any custom-made sizes or colors you may need.

Shipping: Occasionally we experience increased demand, yet please be assured that your order remains our primary focus. Our standard processing time typically spans 7 business days. During peak seasons, this duration might extend to 10 to 16 business days for processing, then the items are shipped. Thank you for your order and we sincerely value your business!

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