Bookshelf Hidden Concealment


Introducing our high-quality Standard and Full Size Bookshelves - the perfect addition to any gun enthusiast's collection! These bookshelves not only provide ample storage space for your favorite reads, but also come equipped with a dense and customizable Kaizen foam insert that can be easily modified to store your firearms, knives, flashlights, and other accessories.

The Standard Size Bookshelf stands at a sturdy 48" tall and 27" wide, with a total depth of 12" and 7" shelves. The foam area measures 20x38x3, providing ample space for your firearms and accessories.

For those in need of a larger storage space, our Full Size Bookshelf measures 60" tall and 26" wide, with a total depth of 12" and 7" shelves. The foam area measures 48x20x3, giving you plenty of room to store your firearms and accessories with ease.

Each bookshelf comes pre-equipped with screws for easy mounting to the wall, ensuring that it moves back and forth smoothly. Additionally, our 2.25" layered Kaizen Foam and cutting utensil are included for easy customization. Our instructional video will guide you through the simple process of cutting the foam to the perfect size for your firearms.

While these bookshelves are made to order and require a 2-week lead time before shipment, we guarantee they are worth the wait. And with the price including $130 freight shipping, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a top-quality product that will last for years to come. Don't let the price deter you - our Standard and Full Size Bookshelves are an investment in your passion for firearms and a stylish addition to any home.

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