Buoy Display items
All Items Are 100% Customizable


Introducing our collection of decorative replacement magnets,

The Buoy collection: We can and will accommodate any colors you need. 

These are custom made to order. We can accommodate any size you need.

Send me an email at StainedAllegianceStaff@Gmail.com ( tell me what you need ) and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Our Goal is your happiness. 

Designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Stained Allegiance furniture. Elevate your style with these unique magnets, discreetly concealing the fact that they also serve as holders for your unit's key.

Choose from a variety of designs, and if you have a specific idea in mind, share it with us—we thrive on turning your creative concepts into reality. As a dedicated custom shop, we're here to cater to your unique preferences.

Should you find yourself in need of a replacement key for a product equipped with our magnetic safety lock, follow these simple steps:

Contact Stained Allegiance: Reach out to us through our website at https://stainedallegiance.com or email our customer service department at StainedAllegianceStaff@Gmail.com. While we likely have your order on record, if there have been changes to the locks over time, please provide a detailed explanation and a photo of your unit. Refer to section #2 for more details.

Provide Product Information: When contacting us, furnish specific details about the product requiring a replacement key, including its name, model, and any relevant serial numbers or purchase information. Including pictures will significantly expedite the process.

Replacement Key(s): Note that the designs of our keys may have evolved over time, so if you've misplaced your keys, ordering a new lock may be necessary.

It's essential to recognize that the procedures for obtaining a replacement key may vary depending on the manufacturer's policies. Always adhere to their specific instructions to ensure a seamless and successful request.

Regarding shipping, while we occasionally experience increased demand, rest assured that your order remains our top priority. Our standard processing time typically spans 5 to 7 days, extending to 10 to 16 days during peak seasons. We genuinely appreciate your order and thank you once again for choosing Stained Allegiance.

Sizes of these are 6" ( one is 5" )  tall 1"x1" blocks, These are sold separately in Singles.  

As you understand each item is HAND MADE and each one is not exact to another. This gives it the real carpenters look and feel. 

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