Floating Gun Concealment Cabinet
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Introducing the Floating Gun Concealment Cabinet by Stained Allegiance – where Tactical Elegance meets Uncompromised Security. This concealment cabinet is more than just a practical storage solution; it's a decorative and discreet gun safe designed to seamlessly integrate into your home, striking the perfect balance between style and security.

From Showcase to Safehouse:

Transforming from a stylish showcase into your personal weapon concealment mantle, this cabinet is equipped with a 30mm-thick Kaizen foam interior. It provides unparalleled protection for your valuables, ensuring rifles and shotguns remain shielded from harm behind its magnetic lock.

Customization and Camouflage:

Experience the effortless fusion of a floating concealment cabinet with exquisite wood-stained finishes. Tailor it to your home's aesthetic, allowing it to blend in seamlessly. For an extra touch of elegance and convenience, explore our optional LED light kit.

Smaller Footprint, Same Security:

If a wall-mounted piece isn't what you're seeking, consider our Small Floating Mantle Gun Safe – designed for securely hiding away smaller handguns, knives, or other valuables while maintaining the same level of security.

Gun Concealment Cabinet Dimensions:

Exterior: 36"x15"x4.5" 
Interior: 32"x11"

Extra Long Floating Gun Concealment cabinet 

Exterior: 51"x15"x4.5"
Interior: 41.5"x11"

Prices at $429 Plus Shipping, 
Discover the perfect synergy of style and security with the Floating Gun Concealment Cabinet by Stained Allegiance. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this cabinet ensures that your firearms are not just stored but showcased in a piece that complements your home decor.

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