Wooden Lamp Concealment for Pistol Guns

The Wooden Bedside Lamp with Firearm Storage is a unique piece of furniture designed to provide discreet storage for handguns while serving as a functional bedside lamp. Here are some key features and details about this concealed gun lamp:


1. **Hidden Compartment:** The lamp features a hinged door with an internal shelf that is specifically designed to accommodate most modern handguns. This concealed compartment provides a secure and easily accessible storage space for your firearm.

2. **Magnetic Lock:** For added security, the concealed compartment is equipped with a magnetic lock. This ensures that the compartment remains securely closed and can only be accessed by those who know its location and how to open it.

3. **Compatibility:** The lamp is designed to fit most full-size pistols comfortably, making it a versatile choice for gun owners with various handgun models.

4. **Tactical Design:** The lamp is designed to blend seamlessly with your home decor, and while the lampshade style may vary, it is intended to look like a regular bedside lamp. This tactical design helps maintain the lamp's discreet nature.


- **Exterior:** 18 inches (height) x 10 inches (width) x 10 inches (depth)
- **Interior:** 8 inches (height) x 6.5 inches (width)

This lamp not only provides practical firearm storage but also offers a unique solution for those who want quick and discreet access to their handgun during nighttime hours.

**Additional Resources:**

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Before purchasing and using any firearm storage product, it's essential to familiarize yourself with your local laws and regulations regarding firearm storage and accessibility. Always prioritize safety and responsible firearm ownership.

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