"Faith Can Move Mountains" Concealment Wall Box
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The "Faith Can Move Mountains" Mini Concealment Wall Art Box combines inspirational design with hidden storage, allowing you to keep your valuables and firearms safe while adding a meaningful touch to your home decor. Here are the key features and details:

**Inspirational Design:**
- This mini concealment wall art box draws inspiration from the words of Jesus in Matthew 17:20, prominently featuring the phrase "Faith can move mountains." It serves as a daily reminder of faith and its power.

**Hidden Storage:**
- Behind the inspirational design, there's a small hidden gun safe. This concealed storage compartment can be used to securely store various items, including small handguns and valuable jewelry.

**Magnetic Lock:**
- The gun storage sign is equipped with a magnetic lock for secure storage. For added security, customers have the option to upgrade to a more secure RFID lock.

**Versatile Placement:**
- Due to its compact size, this wall decor piece can be placed in various locations around your home, allowing you to choose the spot that best suits your decor and security needs.

**Handcrafted in the USA:**
- Each piece of wall decor is handcrafted and finished in Vero Beach Florida. The product is made of solid pine wood, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship.

**Custom Stencil Design:**
- The company offers the option to create your own concealment sign design with a custom stencil. Customers can contact the team at 772-205-4873 to initiate a custom project.

**Full Wall Art Storage Collection:**
- Customers interested in larger wall art storage options can explore the company's Wall Art category page for a wide range of products, including full-sized signs and other wooden wall signs such as "This House" or "Welcome to Our Home."

- Exterior: 13" x 13" x 3.5"
- Interior: 11" x 11" x 2.5"

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